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The idea of organizing a company day started right at the end of the first Madeira International Workshop in Machine Learning. In the first edition of the MML, we had a company exhibition in the middle of the fourth day.

We understood, at that time, that companies showed a keen interest in having more time to share their products and services, and more time to perform in-local job interviews. As a result, we recognize that we must have a full day dedicated to companies, or as we named it, a Company Day.

What is the Company Day?

It is a day entirely dedicated to companies. During the day, companies will have the opportunity to share their work, products, and services. But not only that!

This day serves two purposes and combines two perfect worlds. On the one hand, it will help companies advertise their work and establish new partnerships with other companies on the Company Day. On the other hand, students (or anyone interested) will have the opportunity to apply for job positions, with the job interviews taking place during the event, in a dedicated area.

The area will be organized as follows:

During the day, we will also have talks given by experts about several topics connected to Artificial Intelligence. In the closing ceremony, we will invite the President of the Regional Government of Madeira and other official entities to say a few words.

Can I go to the Company Day even if I'm not going to the workshop?

Sure. The Company Day is open to the public, from 4 pm until 10 pm (July 20), in Madeira Tecnopolo. You don't need a ticket since the entrance is free of charge and gives you access to all talks and, of course, access to the main floor where all the companies will be.

Which companies can participate?

The answer is simple: any company that uses technology as a product or service can participate on the Company Day!

A fixed stand will be given to each company. If you want to register your company for the Company Day, click on the following button:

Company Registration

Agenda for the Company Day

Doors Open
Opening Ceremony
Data: Relevance and Challenges
  • João Gonçalves Asseco PST

I Have an [APP] Idea. Now What?
  • Lígia Gonçalves WalkMe

So You Want to be a Cyber-Pro Hacker?
  • Andrey E Moskvitin Cloudflare

ML for All Developers
  • Luiz GUStavo Google

Closing Ceremony
Doors Close


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